Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Painting Toe Nails

Last night us girls had some fun. We were bored so we drove down to the river. We walked the shore a little, and sat on the dock for a bit. The dogs went with us and Boss loved it! Lucy on the other hand was like a little prissy girl, she didn't like it at all.
On the way home we were talking and decided to do something really girly; paint toe-nails. =) I've always been the one to gravitate more towards the get-dirty-for-fun type of girl. But I've been changing, growing up if you will, and I've gotten in to painting nails.
So I started with Jennifer.
Blue-green foundation with a white flower and yellow center on the big toe.
Mama was next. She usually just sits and watches us have the fun and be silly. This night we talked her into having her toes done. =)
Blue foundation, with 3 half daisies on the big toe.
After Mama, it was Amy's turn. She generally doesn't like to have her toes done and we don't know why. but we convinced her to let me do them because we all had ours done.
Purple foundation, white foun. on the big toe, with a purple and pink plaid.
Then I had Jennifer do my toes. We were talking about different ways to do nails, different patterns. We looked on Pinterest for some designs. But I wanted this.
White foundation, black and yellow polk-a-dots and a yellow smiley face on the big toe.
So happy and colorful.
We really had a fun time sitting in the living room painting nails. We got done at 10:15 p.m.