Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bird Photography - Take #1

Saturday afternoon, Daddy Layne took us all to the beach. We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, had chips and cookies, and enjoyed the nice weather. Although the beach was pretty packed with people and the tide was in giving you only about 4 foot of walking space, we enjoyed the small time actually on the beach. Lol. Most of our time was spent around the grill talking, waiting for the food, eating chips, smelling the food, eating the cookies and taking pictures.
 The red cardinals were really active around the tables, probably because of the food they were waiting for. We threw some chips out in the leaves and watched them. Thankfully, this time I remembered to bring my camera along and was able to get some really cool pictures.
 The males never came close enough for long enough for me to get a close and really nice shot. But the one above I zoomed in to almost my max to get. He is a real beauty.
 The trees served as a nice place to eat for them because the moss wouldn't let the food go; but it kind of got in the way for me.
 Finally, the sun was going down, the birds were calming down and I didn't think I was going to get any more shots. But this guy came pretty close and perched. (above) Then got comfortable. (below)
This is the best silhouette picture that I have ever been able to capture. I was so super psyched!
And so, this is my first try at bird watching. Not very successful, but I wouldn't put them down.
I hope y'all all have a blessed day!