About Me!

My name is Bethany Faye, I am 20 years old. I live on 5 acres in a little nobody town, the place people call 'God's Country' of Southern Georgia.
I am a country girl, I like to get dirty, whether it be mud boggin', or working in the garden. Dirt under my fingernails don't bother me.
I live with my mom, older sister (Jennifer) and younger sister (Amy). I have a younger brother (Phillip) who is working in a ministry in Chicago, IL.
(Me, Phil, Amy)
We have 2 dogs, a Chinese Crested Powder Puff named Lucy, and a miniature daschund named Boss. They are the sweetest dogs ever. =) Boss doesn't like company though, he is a very territorial dog which comes with the breed. Lucy, however, loves attention. She always wants to be in your lap, and close to you; this also comes with the breed.
I love to smile, laugh and have fun. I enjoy making others smile as well. I like to cook and bake. Some of my new recipes don't turn out that well, but I go on and redeem myself. 'Never let the fear of failure, keep you from trying again'.
(Me, Amy, Jennifer)
My passion is music. I LOVE to sing! I play the piano and fiddle. I know a little guitar, mandolin, tambourine, harmonica and organ. My hero's are Andy Leftwhich, Brian McBride, Ben Rochester and Chubby Wise on the fiddle. Erin Bates Paine, Yiruma and Gerald Wolfe on the Piano. I listen to many people who play both instruments and work to play better and better.

(Amy, Jennifer, Me)
I like photography. I finished the Professional Photography Course with NYIP in September, 2014. I almost always have a camera, whether it be just my handheld point and shoot, or my big camera, Sony a 380 SLR.
So this is a little bit 'about me', I'll update it some more later. But just for now, this is me. =)