Friday, December 5, 2014

the 1st December Birthday

. . .to my favorite big sister! Jennifer is my only big sister, therefore she is my favorite. =) I have to say that we have had some awesome times over the years. From playing dress-up as girls, to singing together in church. From doing tea parties, to shopping. From her playing while I sing, to me playing while she sings.
She is a one of a kind sister. Jennifer has a heart to serve. She goes to the nursing home to visit with the folks there and just be an encouragement and help in any way she can, whether it be reading to them, or coloring with them.
Jennifer is our church piano player and holds the huge responsibility of the singing list and managing the many choirs we have. Many times I look at her work load just for church and I don't know how she does it. On top of that, she teaches the 8-12 year olds Sunday School.
I don't have many pictures of Jennifer from this year. I think we might just have to plan a photo shoot for some this year pictures. =)
This year Jennifer is hard to buy for. I don't know why its any different than other years but it is. So this year I made her birthday presents. I sewed an owl apron, and an owl pillow. I got the pillow pattern from Joanns but had it blown up to make it bigger.
Then I made the apron by looking at the pattern and free handing it: I think it turned out super cute!
Have a blessed day.

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