Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Birthday

October brought many things for me this year. Many learning experiences of all different shapes and sizes. One trial was the acceptance of my not being a teenager anymore. Through many of these 'learning experiences' I've realized how I am not that teenager. I was looking at my situation and seeing how I enjoyed my friends (who are all teenagers) and I didn't want things to change. But Mama told me that 'I' didn't have to change. 20 is just another year. It's just another age. Anyways, in viewing the relationships that I've had this year I have seen how I am older in many ways other than age. I was thinking that being older would make me have to act like an adult and never have any fun at all, when in reality adults can have just as much fun as teens.
On the Friday before my birthday I received my presents. I had already gotten the BIG present from Mama, but Amy and Jen had me something. Amy gave me this beautiful necklace and earring set.

Jen gave me cash for our trip. I also got some fingernail stuff from Mama that I absolutely LOVE!!!
So, Friday night I was busy doing nails. The sad fact is, I wasn't doing mine, I wasn't having mine done; I was doing Amy's and Jennifer's. =) But no hard feelings, I mean it is my birthday why not do for others, right? LOL! We had loads of fun and their nails turned out gorgeous.
 Jennifer had some classy nails.
Amy's were bright and pretty.
In the set of manicure stuff, I got some templates. I thought they were re-usable, but they weren't. Amy's nail has the template design. All the others I had to do by hand. The kit also came with three colors of polish with small, thin brushes. Talk about great for design. With them, I did these.
Amy's patriotic nails. The thumb has fireworks that look really good. 
My converse!
Have a blessed day.

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