Monday, March 2, 2015

Photo Edit

This past week we have been keeping the Pastor's kids while him and his wife go off to a couples retreat. Today I took them out for a photo shoot to get some sibling photos, and we had an interesting time.
Where we went there were some terrible sand gnats; (and when I say terrible, I mean they were terrible!) So we kind of cut it short, but here is a picture of Scarlett, the oldest, that I fixed. The picture above is the finished product. Below is the original.

It was really cloudy, and foggy, but with the white and a light glare Scarlett got blown out.
First I darkened the whole photo. Next I brightened the colors, and enhanced the contrast by a smidgen. Below is that difference.
For a long time I've been needing to learn how to fix this next problem and today I did; (I'm so proud of myself. lol) Glasses glare. On Scarlett's left eye you see a glare on her glasses, and here is the simple solution.
Clone the right eye, to the left eye. Then use your Spot Healing Brush to soften the difference and make it a smooth change.
When I got done and compared the two pictures side by side I loved the change. I was so excited!
So there it is, how to take the glass glare off your glasses.
Have a blessed day.

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