Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Last week I was on Pinterest and saw these beautiful nails. I didn't know how these artists made the nails look so perfect and smooth. Every time I've tried to do designs they look good but not perfect. They look good, but not smooth. So I watched a video and I found out that she was doing; water marble.
Here are the first 2 really pretty ones I did on my sister.
 The first batch on Amy was a mix of colors. Every nail was different.
So we cleaned them up and did this which is more her style and uniform.
Close up.
 Jennifer is more of the pretty type. She doesn't like all the bold, flashy colors or designs. So I went with this new pink I had and did only one nail in the water marble.
Close up.
 As for me, I like the bright, funky, fun colors and designs. I didn't really know what I wanted, so I did 2 nails each hand, different designs and switched the color order.
Close up.
Water marble nail art is super easy once you do it a couple of times. It also lasts longer that a straight applied coat of polish. So you can have your own nails looking professional without having to spend loads of cash on them. =)
If you want to learn to do it yourself, go to Youtube and type in water marble tutorial and have some fun with your nails.
Have a blessed day.

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