Monday, August 25, 2014

Wonder and Amazement

Have you ever been discouraged? downhearted? This morning I woke up in a sour mood. By now nobody would know it though, I feel so good.
So I got up and didn't want to read my Bible, I didn't want to pray, I just was sulky. When I get this way I like to just go outside and walk. So that's what I did. I was walking around my yard, barefooted by the way, and started feeling the beauty of nature around me. The wind started blowing gently, the air was fresh from the little bit of rain that we had yesterday, and the ground was damp from the dew/rain. The grass under my feet was soothing and the wind wrapped around me like a hug. For me, ever since I was 14 when the wind blew it was like God was telling me 'I'm here', 'talk to me', 'I love you'. The wind is a comfort to me, and the knowledge of the presence of God wherever I am.
As I was walking I started to feel bad about being the way I was and looked to God for the answer to my question; Why do I get so down, depressed and upset with myself? Several times I just closed my eyes, breathed in the air and felt the world around me. I realized in myself what the issue was, I compared myself with others on things that don't really matter.  The result to that is I make myself miserable because I don't do anything about it. So I'm filling my head with things that are not going to profit me anything because I'm not doing anything to change them, (if they are changeable attributes).
So here's my conclusion: I'm going to accept myself for who I am and not worry about those around me. They are the way they are because God made them that way. I am the way I am because God made me this way; for a reason.
What came of this pep-talk? Being in God's creation gave me inspiration to go. I ran inside and grabbed my camera and went across the road to my neighbors for a nature photo shoot. I love some of the shots I got. I'm going to put scriptures on a couple of them. Probably Psalms 23. That's the scripture I was thinking of when I was taking these. =)
Hope you have a beautiful and blessed day.
 Feel the wind.
 Let God lead in in green pastures.
 Look for the beauty in small things.


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  1. It's SO important to accept WHO you are in God's eyes. I love you just the way you are!!! God loves you even more so, because he formed you just the way he wanted and he enjoys you more than anyone else ever has or ever will. Great pictures too!!


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