Monday, October 6, 2014

My New Card Tools

This past Saturday, October 4th, Mama, Jennifer, Amy and I went yard sale-ing. It started out really good. The first yard sale we stopped at, the guy was selling this old Pentax camera with a lens, for $10.
 One of the reasons I like the old cameras is this reason right here, the colorful markings on the lens.
I've been wanting one of those since I started my photography course through NYIP. The reason why is because that was Chuck Delaney's camera, and the model camera in a lot of the lessons. So I was super excited to get this.
It works too. I have to get film for it though before I can take pictures.
In between the first and last yard sale, I found a really nice dress, Jen found an adorable, dressy, red jacket. and some little miscellaneous stuff.
The last yard sale we went to this lady was selling all her scrapbook stuff. She had gotten married and was expecting their first baby, so she didn't have the time anymore to scrapbook. She had corner clippers, templates and cutters, scissors and measuring mats. Lots of good stuff. She was also selling her 4 drawer organizer that had all of that in it. Amy and I are the major card makers in this house, so we were looking at it and trying to figure out what we could get for what we had. But we wanted all of it.
The organizer itself she was selling for $10, empty.
The cutters she was selling for $5 a piece.
And then there was the other stuff. All individually priced.
 Scissors, a straight cutter, a template cutter, ruler/hole punch combo.
 Oval and circle templates, size charts and cutters.
More templates, and cutting mats.
So we asked her how much she would take for the whole thing. . . . . And she told us, $40. What?! That is an awesome deal. So for my birthday present Mama bought me this whole organizer full of scrapbook utensils. Now I'm not using it for scrapbooking, I use it to make cards. In the next post I'll show you some of the new cards and designs I did with my new tools.
Have a blessed day.

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  1. sounds like you got a steal of a deal
    :) i love those!!!


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