Monday, September 1, 2014

A Hero

Define the word . . .
 1. a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

The other day, Mama sent me a quote, or definition, that I really liked. I really look up to soldiers and respect what they do for us. They go off to war to protect our freedom to do anything we want. To worship, to speak out, to live. They sacrifice their lives for us.
But back to the subject; what is your definition of a hero? Is it Superman? the Avengers? Captain America?
Or are you more on the realistic side? My Dad? my brother? My teacher? Someone you actually know.

Here is the definition that was sent to me:
A hero is not someone with supernatural powers. A hero is an ordinary person, like you and me. A hero is someone who has the courage to stand against opposition, the honor to respect his/her position and not abuse it, and the will to sacrifice his/herself for the cause.
In today's time we have many HERO's that have fallen in battle. Many people have these soldiers as their family members and friends. I've got 1 friend in the army, I don't know what he faces. I don't know what he goes through. But I know one thing, there is a God in Heaven that is watching over him, and the least I can do, is pray.
So today, remember the fallen hero's, and pray for God's hand of protection over our soldiers.
I like the way Lawson Bates puts it, "Freedom Sure Ain't Free". Freedom comes with a price and very few pay it. Remember that you have the freedom because someone died for you, in your stead.
Have a blessed day.

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