Friday, September 5, 2014

My Photo Project

I am finally done with my Photography school! I'm super excited. I sent in my last photo project and yesterday I got the critique back. It was a good critique and I am satisfied with it. But I am officially done with my schooling.
For my last unit, one of the pictures I had to take was a still life portrait. It had to be a collage of items, all pertaining to one another. It didn't need to be too crowded, everything needed to have a reason for being in the photo and it had to look good. So I decided to do my fiddle. I didn't realize how hard of a project that was going to be. With this picture everything had to be positioned to bring the subject attention. All the paraphernalia was just to add to the subject, the fiddle. I took about 20 pictures and none of them are the same. Either the lighting wasn't right, or I had to reposition the paper, the metronome, the Rosen; every picture was different.
But I finally got the winning photo. I got the critique from my instructor yesterday and he didn't say anything bad about my picture. I was super excited about that. There normally isn't a picture that they can't find one thing that could have been done differently, or that was wrong. So I was really happy with this picture.
Have a blessed day.

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