Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nail Polish Organizer

Since I've been getting into doing nails, I've been buying nail polish almost ever time I go into the store. So I have quite a collection of nail polish now. But with doing nails comes more than just nail polish. If you like to do designs you'll have the little tools, brushes, gem placers, files, buffers, shiners, maybe some nail stickers, glitter. You also have the nail polish remover, cotton balls and/or q-tips. That's a lot of supplies for doing nails.
So I set out to organize my stuff. I love to organize. I used to tear my room apart and organize everything. I'd do my siblings rooms as well. =)
I looked on Pinterest, Google and didn't find anything. When I was at JoAnn's Mama found this.
It isn't a nail polish organizer.
It's really for your craft supplies, but the inside worked really well for my nail supplies.
The tray on top has 3 main sections. But it comes with dividers for the 2 skinny sections to the back.
I put in 2 dividers to make smaller sections for my buffer/shiner/smoother blocks, and the 2 long sections for my files, and buffer/shiner/smoother sticks.
 In the bottom, there are 2 big sections.
One side for all the polish (as you see) and the other side for the polish remover, cotton balls and my nail mat, (paper towel).
The top tray sits perfectly in the lid when you want all your supplies at hand.
It does have a handle on the side but I don't use it. If I did all the supplies would shift to the back and ruin my perfect set-up. So I just pick it up by the sides.
I love its easy access. I used to have all my stuff places everywhere. Now its in one place and I know exactly where it is. Now when I want to do nails I only need my organizer, because it has everything, I don't have to go to 3 different rooms and a million different places to get all my stuff. It makes life a little less stressful.  
Have a blessed day.

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