Monday, September 8, 2014

My Life Revolves Around . . .

Music is a big part of my life. Actually, music is a big part of life. When you go in the grocery store, the Mall, restaurants, they all have music playing. Even when your in the car, you play the radio, or a cd. We are surrounded by music.
For me and my family, we love music. Here is a post about the music in our life. Hope you enjoy.
My older sister, Jennifer, does an amazing job playing the piano. She is the piano player at our church, she plays for the congregational, but she also plays by ear. We use her talent so much. We all sing together in church, and most of the time we don't have sheet music. Our book is full of just word sheets and note written all over it. Jen does a really great job.
My younger brother, Phillip, plays the guitar. Since he's been working (at a ministry) in Chicago, he's been getting tips from the other guys that play guitar. So he's been getting really good. When he's home we like to break out the instruments and play together. We've done offertories together and really enjoy ourselves.
My younger sister Amy doesn't play anything currently. She can play a little on the piano and a little mandolin (as you see here). She hasn't really taken to any instrument. She does sing with us, and in the many choirs that are at our church though.
I play the piano and fiddle. I'm better at the piano than the fiddle because I've been playing it longer. Its easier to just sit down and play the piano than having to get out the fiddle and get everything ready to practice. Anyways, I do love playing the fiddle. Jen and I have done a couple of offertories with just the fiddle and piano and they are absolutely beautiful.
If your wondering, we play gospel, bluegrass gospel, and hymns. We don't do country. We love the country instruments but we don't play any country. This particular picture we were going to be playing offertory that morning in church with our bass guitar player, and a banjo player. We like to match color when we play. =)
Have a blessed day.

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  1. It is such a blessing to have you to fill in for me when I need a break at the piano! I'm so glad we both know the piano and thankful that you know the fiddle so that our music has a special touch!


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