Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Painting Projects

Recently I bought a shelf to organize my long necklaces. You've seen them on Pinterest and I really thought it was a cool idea. So we went out 'junkin', to all the thrift stores and I found a really cute shelf that would look perfect.
When I got home I realized that the color was not going to work. I love lime green but with my bedroom walls, it was not going to work.
So, it was my goal yesterday to paint it. It had the distressed look when I bought it so I was trying to keep it that way, but here's how it turned out.
Isn't my owl cute?!
Its not really distressed, it just kind of shadow painted. I like the way it turned out though.
Since I was in the painting mood and I had everything out, I also painted the letters on our door.
Amy and I have had these letters for a long time and I had painted them before. Amy's was pink and purple, with stars and hearts. Not Amy at all! Mine was solid lime green. I had done hers and got tires so I never finished mine. Today was different though, I was going to do both and make them look nice. 
Amy is not this prissy little girl that likes pink anymore. She doesn't mind it but its not her color; and neither is purple. She is very patriotic. Red, White and Blue are her colors. Her birthday this year is going to be 4th of July themed; in December. She has a flag on the wall over her bed, a flag pot on her desk, and multiple pairs of patriotic earrings.
So it was not hard trying to figure out what colors I was to do on her letter. Here's how it turned out.
 I, on the other hand, love purple. Lime green has kind of taken the back seat for now. I didn't know what I was going to do on my letter. I love decorating letters, doing letter art and doodling on paper. So put the doodling on letters, this was going to be fun. I just kind of started, thought about it, and tried it. I know what looks good on boarders because I decorate my envelopes all the time. So I started with polk-a-dots around the edges. My creativeness kicked in and ideas started coming. Then I decided it needed something on the long side; the yellow wasn't bright enough so I added the white; the corners needed something different; in-between the hoops needed to brighten up. And TADA!!!
 I love the new color on the door. It looks really nice and more like the girls who take residence in that room. =)
Have a blessed day.

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